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What is Fishmouse?

Fishmouse is a social media service to help Christian small groups stay connected. Youth groups, house churches, Bible studies, men's & women's groups, 12-step groups can all use Fishmouse to "extend the conversation" with their group members!

Isn't Fishmouse just a Christian Facebook?

There are many things that set us apart from Facebook. First, we're not about the individual, we're more interested in the group. It's not about me, it's about us...the Body of Christ.

Here's some other things that make us different:

Fishmouse is Private...no one can find you, watch you or 'friend' you on Fishmouse. All of your comments, prayers and sharing are kept private within your group. Fishmouse can be moderated…the moderation feature is coming soon and will allow group leaders to approve all posts before being sent to the group's timeline.

Fishmouse is Free without Advertising...there is no cost to you or your group and we don't allow advertising so you won't be assaulted by offensive ads from third party marketers.

Fishmouse has a Limited Purpose...we only encourage things that build up, encourage and train the Body of Christ. We don't provide a classified section to sell your bike; there are other sites for that.

Fishmouse is Purposely Limited...group size is limited to 30 members and you can belong to no more than 10 groups. The Christian experience is not about "following" or "friending" the most people possible, but maybe, how many fellow believers can you walk with daily to follow Him!

What does Fishmouse mean?

Fishmouse is a made up word from the merger of words fish & mouse. The fish represents Christians, using a Christian symbol called an Ichthus. The mouse represents technology by using a computer mouse symbol. In short, Fishmouse is about Christians embracing technology to share their gifts with other believers and grow in their faith.

How can you be free and not accept advertising?

Good question! We may introduce additional services in the future that may produce revenue, but for now we're totally free. Fishmouse is organizing as a non-profit and is in application for 501(c)3 status. If Fishmouse blesses you or your group, please use the Support Fishmouse page to make a donation. We can only exist and continue if users contribute to our cause...please support us with your prayers too!

Why are some things not working or working properly?

We're currently in Public Alpha release, which means we're not quite ready for primetime. However, you can confidently use about 90% of Fishmouse and we will notify you when we add new functionality and features. We plan to launch the Public Beta in August of 2010. After that, we will probably be in Beta until some time in 2011. Please be patient while we make Fishmouse an even greater blessing to the Kingdom.

Contact Fishmouse

Fishmouse does not have live technical support at this time (to keep our costs down).

We will respond to all support requests via email and will attempt to resolve any support issues within 2 business days.

2500 Regency Parkway
Cary, NC 27518

General Inquiries: info@fishmouse.com

Technical Support: support@fishmouse.com

Bug & Error Reporting: bugs@fishmouse.com

Support Fishmouse

Fishmouse is a non-profit ministry and is in application for 501(C)3 status. In addition to your prayers, we could use financial support to increase our server capacity, augment our developer team and fund our operations. If you feel led to help us out, please use the link below to make a donation via PayPal:

Fishmouse is supported by funds provided by Churchwide Communications.

All payments will be processed through Churchwide Communications but tax-deductible receipts will be processed from Fishmouse.

Tell Your Friends

Fishmouse can be more successful if we are being used by a larger number of Christians. Please let your friends know about Fishmouse by clicking the ShareThis link.